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Top Tips for Camping this Autumn

Top Tips for Camping this Autumn

As the weather starts to turn from late summer nights to cold, crisp mornings we have a look at why this change in weather shouldn’t deter you from getting outdoors and how you can best prepare for the condition’s autumn will bring your way. Whether you’ve got the luxury of a camper or going back to basic in a tent, these tips will help you stick out the conditions.

Why Camp in Autumn?

Summer campers often take time off in the autumn, but you could be missing out on some of the nicest views and scenery that the seasons can offer. Despite the sometimes wetter and colder weather, autumn offers so much if you can prepare correctly.

Preparing for Autumn Camping


Having a plan and anticipating the equipment you’ll need is an imperative step to ensuring your autumn trip is the most enjoyable it can be. Considering the multiple factors that can change quickly in the unpredictable autumn months, there are several things you will need to anticipate and plan for.

It’s important to take the right gear and ensure your chosen gear is working before you leave, for this reason we recommend you have a trial run setup where you test all your equipment including stoves, torches, mattresses, tents and awnings. The weather is largely unpredictable around this time of year also so it’s important to prepare for all potential elements. Evenings also come in earlier at this time of year, you should ensure that you arrive early enough to pitch while it’s still daylight and prepare for shorter daylight hours which in tandem bring along colder nights. Factors such as the location and potential weather will also influence the equipment you take. The key to comfort in autumn is to remain warm and dry, high-quality equipment can make a noticeable difference in achieving this. 


Stay Dry

British weather is infamous for being unpredictable so it’s important to take the right measures to protect yourself from the elements. Check your gear before you go for leaks and re-waterproof tents or awnings to double check that they keep the rain out. It’s recommended you have a trial setup at home to do this and make sure you’re comfortable pitching in all weather. Starting off wet or damp will make it very difficult to get warm, so these are vital steps to take before you set off.

Colder air means condensation can form on the inside of your tent making your equipment damp. For campers with the luxury of a campervan make sure if you choose to use awning that they are designed for all weather. All our Vango awnings are made with Sentinel Pro Fabric which provide superior durability for campers who camp all year round as well as straight forward setup and pull down so you can spend more time taking in the beautiful autumn scenery. You can compare awnings here. Opening your vents will seem to work against your battle to stay warm at first but nothing ruins your chances of getting warm like being wet. In the instance that your equipment does get wet, remember to dry off any equipment before packing it away for an extended period and air out you tent. You will be grateful for this step when you get your equipment back out in the summer.

Stay Warm

When it comes to keeping warm there are a few simple measures you can take to fight off the chill. A simple and more welcome method for some is to pack fat and carbs rich foods to eat. They are going to give you energy and in turn keep you warm, so this is not the time to be restricting your diet. A reliable camping stove will allow you to maintain heat through warm meals and hot liquids which can be a great way to counteract a drop in temperature. Why not make some for later and store in our Magma Flasks for a temperature boost all through the day or save space with the durable, fold down Vango Cuisine Kettle.

Another valuable piece of equipment is the right sleeping setup. Some choose to lift themselves off the ground to prevent the chill from the cold earth below. Providing you have the right sleeping bag; this can be an effective method. We recommend the Radiate Heated Sleeping Bag that comes in single or double. It’s a 10-tog sleeping bag with an added heating element inside to help you get a cosy and comfortable nights sleep in any weather. Already have a sleeping bag you trust? You can add an extra boost of heat with a Vango Heat Mat. This 4-temperature option, multi-functional heat mat can be positioned anywhere to help you fight off the cold.

Have Fun

Finally, enjoy your autumnal camping adventure! Remember to pack your camera as the outdoors really come to life as it turns from green to warm oranges and yellows. You will want to capture the beauty of a British autumn and it could be your last chance of the year to do so before the leaves fall and the frost sweeps in.



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