About Us

There’s no internet in the mountains, but you’ll find no better connection. 

Leisure Suppliers originated in April 2021 with the quest to become one of the top eCommerce platforms offering leisure supplies with a personal service by connecting motorhome & campervan buyers & sellers and making your trips memorable. 

Leisure Suppliers offers valuable travellers the best quality camping products essential for setting up the campervan and motorhomes trips. We also provide A-Z of retail leisure supplies, Vango drive-away awnings,trailer tents, and other accessories.

We understand the importance of trust and reliability when purchasing expensive and highly valued items. We assure you that your orders' confidence and excitement will be intact. We aim at delivering you the happiness you fancied while being on our website. We have a well-organized shipping and return policy to ensure you are informed about your order, and we are working relentlessly on your service.

For us, camping is a way of living life as nothing can compare to the joy of living outdoors and enjoying it to the fullest. We aim at inspiring people to step out of their comfort and make the outdoors your comfort zone.