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Van Life: A Guide To Drive-Away Awnings

Van Life: A Guide To Drive-Away Awnings

Devoid of the necessary seating comfort and the luxe you always desire on a four-wheeled trip? Maybe because your legs got squeezing and you need to relax during the hectic journey! 

Campervans are excellent for exploring while at the same time enjoying a little life of luxury. It allows you to travel flexibly on the road while cooking, chilling, and enjoying a reliable sleep in the van premises. However, a vast majority of van-dwellers can continue to encounter the problem of getting cramped due to space shortage. Campervans, as explained above, prove a solution already set up to solve any such adaptability issues, thus rearing the perfect accommodation. The additional space afforded by the simple drive-away awning is that a van life can also be more luxurious without compromising your setup or ideology of the van space usage.

What is a drive-away awning?

Practically, the drive-away awning is a tent that connects to the side of your van to create an elongation. It acts as a detachable arboretum to your traveling home! The awning is made from the same weatherproof, hardwearing materials as tents. They are easier to set up and can stand free without much support. 

The awning is exceptional because once detached, it remains to stand as a freestanding tent. You can use your van to go on adventures and then reattach it when you return—all without the hassle of having to dismantle your awning and repack everything.

The benefits of adding a car awning to a camping setup will mean different things to different people. But here are some of the ways you can level up your campervan experience.



Having a car awning means you'll have extra space to fit everyone in if your partner or friends join you for a trip. Everyone gets a proper spot to get their head down inside the van, proving a compression. It provides extra space for a campaign and enjoying moments with your friends.



 Having an extra room means you can store more supplies. You can easily maintain and store more grocery stock at a single time. It also helps to manage your van life.



Driveaway awning

Campervans can get restricted often, but a drive-away awning canopy furnishes a great area to get sleep in, relax, dine-in, or even just somewhere to crouch down at the time of rainfalls. 



 House awnings are freestanding with a hexagonal design so that one can enjoy all that extra space. Campervans hexagon design helps you relax and sleep during your long traveling days. It helps you camp anywhere while enjoying the natural sight view with your family or friends.



Driveaway awning

You're seamlessly attaching more floor area to your vehicle and creating one ample, interconnected liveable space, which is a tremendous upgrade in wet weather. On the flip side, when it's hot, you can leave the van door open at night to help air ventilate and keep your van cool.

Drive-Away Awnings - A Boon To Your Van Life

A drive-away awning is gradually becoming a boon to your van space as it gives extra freedom and convenience to stay anywhere. A retractable awning can give you comfortable sleep with your friends in all weather. It is adjustable according to your van's height. One can even attach it to the back of their truck to use it as a room behind. 

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