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Vango Awning Award-Winning Sentinel Fabric

Vango Awning Award-Winning Sentinel Fabric

Vango driveaway awning is a blessing for travelers and camping lovers. It provides a huge moveable space that you can easily place on the wide ground. An awning acts as a separate room that can be easily attached to your van’s trunk or a separate space for your family and friends who joined you on your journey.

outdoor awning is best for camping and bonfire in winter. Spend a sunny day with your family and friends. Go on to enjoy a peaceful rain date with your beloved. You can enjoy all seasons with your loved ones with the help of an awning.

awning has many more features and benefits than just helping you spend time with your family and friends. Let’s have a look at it.

1. Provides a Moveable Living Space

Vango driveaway awning

An awning helps enlarge the living space. You can attach and remove it easily as it can solely stand without external support. It is a canopy or tent-like structure, which is the best way to utilize it for a picnic day. Vango double sleeping bag is suitable for two people to sleep in a canopy.

2. Anti Flammable Sentinel Fabric

Vango awnings are made from Sentinel Fabric, which has many benefits, including anti-flammable. It resists fire and high heat, which prevents you from any mishappening.

3. Store Extra Luggage and Grocery

Interior of Vango driveaway awning

Extra space is a blessing during a long journey, and if you have a room full of space, you’re the luckiest person on earth. This magic is possible with the help of an awning. A drive-away awning is a complete package of storage and carries some extra luggage to fit in. You can attach it to your van.

4. A Perfect Awning To Resist Heat and Water

A Vango driveaway awning is your best friend as it saves you from direct sun rays and its heat. Its fabulous Sentinel fabric makes this miracle happen as sentinel fabric is SPF50+, efficient in heat resistance, making the underneath cooler and cozy.

Along with heat resistance, it is waterproof, making it more vulnerable to have it as a step-in tool for every trip.

5. Prevent From Disbalance in Windy Weather

Vango driveaway awning

You took a break with your family on a very beautiful spring weekend. The wind direction has probably changed, but you don’t need to worry about it as you have a perfect tool to deal with the situation. AVango air awning is capable of sustaining the windy weather. The blowy wind is not able to take it away that easily. You can enjoy a beautiful afternoon with your family on the famous picnic spot.

The Amazing Sentinel Fabric is worth it

An outdoor revolution driveaway awning is worth having for any vacation or trip with family and loved ones. The body needs complete relaxation for a long trip, and an awning helps fulfill it in no time. What makes the Vango awning all the more special is the award-winning and very amazing Sentinel Fabric that is heat, water-resistant, and helps you enjoy your wonderful trip with the ultimate peace of mind. Want to explore awning for your next trip? You can visit Leisure Suppliers for Vango’s new collection.