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What cool camping accessories do you need in 2022?

What cool camping accessories do you need in 2022?

From spending a night under the sky full of twinkling stars to enjoying the serene beauty of nature, camping is the best way to escape from the hustle-bustle of everyday mundane life. To make your outdoor escape as comfortable as possible, we have come up with some cool camping accessories that you must have to enhance your camping experience in 2022. 

From sleeping bags to outdoor lighting equipment or compact cooking kit, here are some must-have camping essentials for the best outing experience:

1. Sleeping Essentials

Vango Sleeping Bags

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear about camping is
camping tents. However, if you don’t want to compromise on your sleep, you need some sleeping essentials, for example, a camping mat or sleeping bag to have the best nights during your camping.

  • You want a sleeping bag to survive unexpected weather conditions while camping. If you are camping in winter, the temperature at night might drastically fall, and you start to feel freezing. So, it is better to be prepared in advance and have a sleeping bag that will keep you warm and safe in winter. Trust me; you don’t want to wake up with a cold the next day of camping. It will ruin your experience.

  • A sleeping mat is highly recommended for unrivalled comfort and convenience while camping. It provides insulation from the ground and keeps you warm.

  • To enrich your experience while sleeping under the stars, you can also consider packing a heating mat to pre-heat your sleeping bag for extra warmth and comfort.

To extend the life of your awning by protecting it against tears from stones, you can add a
groundsheet protector to your essentials.

2. Outdoor Lighting Equipment

Power lantern

Lighting Equipment is probably the most crucial camping essential for every camper. It allows you to safely roam around at night or helps you to find out things under the tent. Moreover, you might encounter some insects or animals at night, thus sleeping under the sky in a completely dark tent is not a good idea. In case you are looking to buy a lighting source for camping, here are our recommendations that you must check out:

  • The Vango Midge 100 Handy Light  - Comes with the added benefit of controlling insects, using UV light that attracts them.

  • Star 300 Recharge - Ideal for creating an ambience atmosphere for camping. It has 3 lighting levels and a rechargeable battery.

  • The Vango Sunbeam Flexi Light - Utilising flexible LED lights that never need to be replaced, the Sunbeam provides warm lighting that can be easily adjusted with a remote control to create a perfect ambience.

  • The Vango Lunar 250 Power Lantern - Its built-in rechargeable battery with USB output allows you to charge your phone or tablet, making it perfect for use during longer camping trips.

3. Electrical Camping Supplies

Voltaic Roll Away

Electrical supplies are the Power Packs for camping; they come in handy in times of need. From a portable Power Bank to a portable Power source with multiple plug sockets and USB ports, there are several electronics you need while camping. 

  • The Vango’s Portable Powerbank can solve all your power problems on the go. From inflating your tent to charging mobile phones, this device can be used multiple times before it needs to be recharged. 

  • Also, check out the Voltaic Roll Away, which provides 15 metres of cable, allowing you freedom for positioning your mains electric. 

4. Inflatables

Vango inflatable sofa

It would be the best camping experience if you had inflatables to sit back, relax, enjoy, and unwind in luxury on the campsite. Get a cosy self-time with the Vango inflatable Donut chair or the Vango inflatable sofa, which is a great alternative to two camping chairs if you need a compact option. The robust PVC fabric of these inflatables is groundsheet friendly and flocked on top for added comfort whether you are at a festival with friends or enjoying a relaxing trip with the family.

Moreover, an air pump is a must-have complementary product for all the inflatables you pack for camping. The Vango Double Action AirPump will easily inflate tents, awnings, airbeds, furniture, and any other inflatables.

5. Kitchen Essentials 

Non-stick cook kit
A well-planned and well-packed camping kitchen gear can make all the difference on your camping trip. To enjoy the trip to the fullest, you need to ensure that you are equipped with the basic kitchen essentials. From a portable cooking kit to an electric coolbox to keep your food and drink supplies cool and fresh on warm days, these essentials are crucial to surviving camping.

It would help if you also had a folding organiser to keep your things organised and your outdoor home tidy. 

Ready For Your Leisure Time?

Does camping fascinate you, or do you admire spending time with mother nature? If yes, you should not miss the fun of the camping experience. Or, I would say no one should leave a chance to feel the experience of camping outdoors at least once in their lifetime. No words, but the personal experience can explain the satisfaction camping experience provides to your soul and mind. It rejuvenates you physically and mentally and gives you an amazing lifetime experience. 

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