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What is an essential camping gear?

What is an essential camping gear?

Camping undoubtedly is a great way to get outside with family and friends and interact with nature at your very best. You can go camping anywhere, including state and national parks, at private campgrounds, backcountry, or even in your backyard. Places change, and so does the feel but not the camping gear essentials. Keeping you safe and stocked simultaneously, your essential camping gear always keeps you packed and prepared for your ongoing venture. 

What to take along to meet your camping needs?

Sleeping bags, pillows, sleeping mats, camp beds, etc., the most joyous and jubilating part of camping outdoors is that you need a lot less gear to match the camping vibe. Though less, the essential gears, however, have to be accurately chosen to suffice all your campsite requirements. There is no denying that a comfortable, convenient and homey campsite is a treat to the visitor but could bring challenges to be dealt with only with the right equipment. With this being said, we have brought you a handy camping checklist to ensure you do not forget anything important while you pack for the next trip!


Get the luxury of making comfort your top priority! The Award-Winning Radiate Single Heated Sleeping Bag lets you fight those cold, unforgiving nights, bringing the coziness and comfort to get a restful sleep outdoors. This is not just a deluxe 3-season, 10 tog sleeping bag, but also features a built-in, Graphene heating element, allowing you to top up the heat in your sleeping bag. Compatible with a portable charging source, these subtly add a luxurious touch to the camping kit. High-quality fabrics and fills make them ideal for usage in any season. 



The ultimate luxury for the trip outdoors, this sensational sleeping bag type is compatible with any camping activity, including hiking, trekking, hill-walking, or climbing. The bag carries a lightweight and supple soft-to-touch feel with an elegant design cover made from recycled fabric. The Vango Era Grande will ensure a great night's sleep while helping the environment. A proper insulation lock holds fill in place for an even heat distribution.


 Keeping you warm by trapping the warm air around you, Radiate Double Heated Sleeping Bags are well insulated, trapping the heat within to bring the ultimate outdoor comfort. This is not just a deluxe 3-season, 10 tog sleeping bag, but also features two built-in Graphene heating elements, allowing you to top up the heat in your sleeping bag. It acts as a lightweight quilt that can be closed with a zipper or similar means to form a tube, which functions as portable bedding.



Inside the shiny glass cooktop lies an electronically controlled metal coil that creates heat inside the pan itself. The usage of electromagnetic induction instead of direct heat lets electric current travel through from the copper coils in the cooktop to the iron in the cookware. The heat produced heats the pan ready for cooking directly, heating the pan and not the surface.

Bring home what suits your camping goals

Offering luxury supplies to make your camping experience wonderful, Leisure Suppliers is here to make your trips memorable. Valuing travelers and their compassion towards excursions, we handpick the best quality camping essentials, including Vango drive-away awnings, self-build campervan kits, trailer tents, campervan converters, and other accessories. It's time you bring home your trusted and reliable essential camping gear to plan and set a clear roadmap for your next outing.